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TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures is the first technical course that expands the range of new technical divers. It is designed to prepare you for staged decompression diving, extending your depth range and bottom time and making possible a new category of technical dives. With a maximum operating depth of 150 feet this course significantly expands your opportunities to explore new sites and improve your abilities as a diver. Technical diving requires a different approach from recreational diving, and learning this approach along with new skills and equipment management techniques can make for a very intense and rewarding course.


Unlike recreational courses, passing this course is not guaranteed. A large portion of this course is gear driven and focuses on new components, configurations and implementations of essential gear, as well as the deployment of that gear in the water. Classroom material will be focused on the theory of decompression and accelerated decompression, as well as safe dive planning, adopting a technical mindset and working as a member of a team. In open-water students will practice their physical skills until they become muscle memory. Failure to pass the course is uncommon, but many courses require additional dives to improve critical skills which may be new to divers. 


Course Costs:

            Tuition:$1200.00 — includes 6 days of diving with one additional day for makeup. Additional days                       required beyond this will be available at $100.00 per diving day.


            Charters:$160-240 — includes 4-6 charters, payable directly to operator of choice


             Text:$60 — includes TDI text and eLearning material


             Not included:Fills, required equipment, etc. 


Skills and Course Dives:

            – Buoyancy/Hovering/Trim/Finning 
            –Overall comfort with all gear including lights, bags, bottles, reels, etc.
            –Stage Bottle ‘work’; removing/replacing while hovering, passing, free-flows
            –Lift bag mastery; deployment in less than 30 seconds
            –Mask; switch to backup, switch to necklaced reg w/o mask
            –Valves; free flows, broken hoses, valve failure
            –Wing/Drysuit malfunction
            –Communication; gas switch, deco stops, advanced communication
            –Out of Air; deco gas, back gas
            –Execution of plans; gear configured correct, times, gas switches, monitor

            –What ifs; missed deco, deeper/longer, lost

            –Review Nitrox Skills 

            –Proper gas analysis

            –Pre-dive planning

            –CNS planning

            –Gas labeling

            –Computer use

            –Practical use of gas


Instructor: Reilly Fogarty

Cell: 774-444-1240


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