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 (Minimum age 8 years old for confined water)
(Minimum age 10 years old for open water)


If you've always wanted to try scuba diving........................ this experience is for you. At M.A.I.S.I., LLC our in-ground pool is onsite and waiting for you to experience your first breath underwater. This is an introductory, resort style course that is a non-certification program suitable to introduce non-divers to scuba diving. Participants scuba dive in closely controlled conditions. The participant may conduct an optional open water dive to a maximum depth of 12m (40ft). Instruction should be limited to the knowledge and skills needed to dive with minimal risk within the limitations of these standards.

Course Fee- $40.00

Approximately 2 hours

Pre-registration is required, so check the dates below and call (857) 394-3748 or Enroll using Registration Form Below.

Releases are required, certain medical conditions could require approval or preclude activity. 

Save Time, print Introduction to Scuba Releases, complete and bring to scheduled session.

Before Any Inwater Training...

Will you require medical clearance for a course?

Please Review the Questions on the Medical Statement Linked below. Any questions that you will answer "YES" to will require a Doctors Approval. Honesty in your answers helps us protect you during training. We cannot offer medical advice. Medical Statement. 

Introduction to Scuba

Click for Registration Form

Introduction to Scuba is a great activity for Scout Groups, Church Groups, School Groups, Families, Friends, and Clubs.

Call 857-394-3748 for information and Scheduling Group Classes. 

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